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Our company specializes in the construction and rebuilding of swimming pools. We have been operating in the pool business for 25 years and we have successfully completed over 850 pool jobs.

What else do we offer?

In recent years, we are mainly focusing on concrete pools with heavy liner of 1.5 and 2mm thickness as such as Alkorplan, 3D Alkorplan Touch, Elbe, AVfol.

We build these pools for the customers as a turnkey project.

We also offer installation and sale of steel wall pools Toscana in several variants: circle, oval, figure eight. Installation of filtration equipment and all pool heating systems - heat pumps, solar heating, electric heating. Pool water treatment systems - chlorine, autochlorine - salt water, oxygen. Search for cracks and water leaks in swimming pools.

Of course, we also offer consulting services in the field of swimming pools. Sales of all pool technology, chemicals and pool accessories.

Your old pool no longer works as intended? Let us re-build it for you.

Don't forget the roofing, which is important for durability and functionality of the pool. We will create the design for you, drawings and implementation of all types of roofing.

We can do more than pools. We do garden ponds. We do flat roofs and terraces. Septics and shafts.

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